Enhance your digestion, protect your immune system

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Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels


It is becoming commonly understood that digestive health is one of the largest areas of focus in order to protect our immune system. For example, nearly 70% of the entire immune system is found in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue or GALT.

Poor digestive function, an altered microbiome, and gastrointestinal inflammation can all interfere with the GALT functioning properly. Digestive health is one of the main supports of the immune system. Incomplete digestion or a disturbance in the microbiome of the gut leads to the absorption of unwanted compounds that overwhelm and may suppress immune function.

Supplemental digestive enzymes provide a solution to supporting our digestive well-being and overall health with every meal.

Author: Sherry Torkos is a registered pharmacist, fitness enthusiast and advocate for holistic health. She is the author of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and a regular contributor on TV, radio and print media across North America.